Services offered
SMART provides full of services on loss investigation and survey with specializing as follows:

-    Commercial and and Industrial Risks.
-    Business Interruption.

-    Loss caused by Act of Gods
-    Fire and Properties Damage

Other Perils:

-    Theft and other perils
-    Product Liability.
-    Inland Transit.
-    Medical  Expenses
-    Civil Liability.
-    Personal Accident Workmen Compensation.


-    Third Parties Liability Adjustment.
-    Compulsory Civil Liability for Car Owner

Risks Survey / (Pre) Condition Survey:

-    Condition Survey.

-    Risks survey for construction/ erection projects.
-    Pre (condition) survey for industrial and commercial properties in.

-   Contractors All Risks
-   Erection All Risks

-   All Risks for Client
-   Civil Engineering Completed Risks
-   Machinery Breakdown
-   Advance Loss of Profit


-   Hull and Machinery.
-   Cargo damage survey
-   Wet/ Dry condition Survey
-   Personal Accident Workmen Compensation.


-   Oil & gas, petrochemical Risks
-   Marine Technical Risks.
-   Pollution Liability.

-   Manutracturing and processing risks


SMART’s Loss Adjusters have capability to deal with various claims occurred under Insurance Policies such as Commercial/ Industrial Policy including fixed asset - factory, stocks, machinery and furniture as well as business interruption.
In addition, our Loss Adjusters also have a  alot fexperience in respect of  survey/ adjustment for several significant/ complex cases occurred in Vietnam and in the region. 

SMART also owns seasoned Loss Adjusters who has handled complicated technical claims in Vietnam and in the region. This  can be clearly  expressed by our interdisciplinary team including civil engineers and M&E engineers. Therefore, we are able to provide a wide range of services in high quality in respect of insurance industry to Insurers, Insured and Brokers such as Machinery Breakdown, Boiler Explosion, Contractor All Risks, Erection All Risks, Third Parties Liability, Business Interuption as well as many other classes of Insurance at diversified policy terms and conditions.




We are also capable of conductingsurvey particularly for all claims under Liability Policies by determining the key point of each claim as well.  Our Loss Adjusters have rich  experience in gathering full/ necessary/ useful information from related parties in order to prepare value report in which  full details on all aspects regarding to the claims shall be mentioned and analysed.


SMART has high competence to handle many kinds of marine loss that we believe can satisfy the Insurers, Representatives, Port Authority, Shipowner and Ship lessor with many kind of cargo transportation such as  hatch, sailing boat, vessel, hull and machinery including inland transit and marine Insurance. We also provide inspection service for loading/ unloading cargo.
In respect of survey, our  job shall include the assessment on the nature and extent of loss as well as determination the liability of the Insured regarding to relevant parties according to terms and conditions of International convention or applying under normal rule/ standard regulation. Our Report can also proposes  salvage value as well as claim from third parties if any.


SMART can conduct to (pre) condition survey/ risk survey regarding to high risk cases such as construction risks, fire and property.
With several yearsexperience in Loss Adjustment industry,  we understand that it would be reasonable to appoint an independent Loss Adjuster as SMART to do all the  survey and adjusting function at our most due diligent and responsible mode  because we specialize in inrurance in general and claim settlement in with huge knowledge and experience in the  industry.